Monster Magnets® are the only magnetically enhanced direct mail pieces with easily removable perforated coupons. Our patented "no scissors required" approach has launched us to the top in terms of shelf-life and usefulness, making Monster Magnet's one of the most efficient and effective methods of advertising, period.

The Monster Magnet® was an immediate success for the national pizza chain. Its initial response rates were 38% with and ROI of over 1000% (or 10 times cost). Compared to the standard coupon redemption rate of 1.5%, it was no contest. Monster Magnet® changed the landscape of not only its business, but also the national pizza chain's thinking about marketing.

Today, we remain on the forefront of technology and innovation, as well as, service. Naturally, we still work closely with the national pizza chain, but have expanded our business to other pizza franchises and independent pizza operators, as well as, other categories entirely. From pharmacies to car care, our ad vehicles are perfect for businesses that need to have their information at their customers fingertips.

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