Monster Magnet

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“We tracked the Monster Magnet® over a 6 month period and received about a 20% response rate. The offers stayed up for a long time and yielded many new customers coming into our store. Our average ticket price was clearly higher when a coupon was redeemed.” -- Christian Bookstore Chain

realizon frontrealizon back

Relizon, a printer, used Monster Magnet® to promote services
with logo and phone number on a detachable perforated flap
of a Monster Magnet®.


herald frontherald back

The Putnam Herald Newspaper used this piece to announce
the grand opening of their new office.

jais frontjais back

JAIS used this piece to to promote the services they offer.

spin front spin back

SpinCycle Laundry Mat used this magnet postcard to promote
services, show location, and offer coupons.

hilton fronthilton back

This Hilton magnet provides toll free number on a perforated detachable flap.
The rest of this beautifully designed card is used to market why to stay at their location.

mon frontmon back

Moncrief used this handsome self-mailer as a service reminder
showing pre-season special rates. The detachable contact card
is still hanging on people's refrigerators.


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