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There are several reasons why Monster Magnets® are so poplular with the Pizza Industry. For starters, the competition for customers is fierce. Even with relatively flat growth in the Pizza customer base, new pizzarias pop up all the time. Many owners have found that Monster Magnet® gives them the edge they need to kick sales into high gear by attracting prospects, while boosting loyal customer sales.

By the same token, Monster Magnets® are particularly effective for businesses that deliver or for businesses that benefit by having their phone number in a handy location. They also happen to be an effective tool for blunting competition. A simple radius mailing around a competitor's address can do wonders.

“ The Monster Magnet® is one of the best programs we have to offer our stores when a new competitor enters our market.” -- An Enthusiastic Pizza Franchisee

“Nothing I’ve done before seems to impact as well as this product! It’s a little bit more expensive, but the redemption far outweighs the added cost.” -- Pizza Owner

“I tested 5,000 Monster Magnets® and the results far exceeded anything I’ve ever done. I’m doing more Monster Magnets® for other markets now.” -- Pizza Franchisor

“Crane Productions simplifies the ability to reach your entire delivery area with such fantastic magnet postcards that your results are extremely positive! Great return on investment!” -- Pizza Franchisee

“Crane Productions provides our 20 (famous franchise) Pizza locations with a great looking, good quality magnet card that immediately raises sales and helps to keep them there.  Our customers love them – what a great way to keep our customers calling us, than with a Monster Magnet® posted right on their refrigerator!” -- Multi-store franchisee

“Wow! Let me re-phrase: holy smokes! What an amazing impact. No other marketing approach has ever hand anywhere near that impact. For the first time, I wish I'd had extra staff on hand.  Overall, the week the magnets came out our sales jumped 25%. Paid for itself in the first 4 days.  Needless to say, I'll be doing another magnet.” -- Very enthusiastic pizza franchisee

"I would just like to let everyone know how effective the monster magnets are.  This week we mailed out the monster magnets to 10k homes in the Edgewood /Swissvale area in Pittsburgh.  The best week we ever had there was $8,000 the average was around $7,000.  This week with the magnets went out we already have $11,000 in plus Steeler Sunday.  It should be around 12-13,000 for the week.  Trust me the monster magnets are the best advertising you can do!  I do this about three months after we open every new store of mine, results are the same everywhere, plus the sales normally don't go back down." -- Pizza Franchisor

Find out how Monster Magnet® can increase your sales. Just contact us and one of our experts will contact you.

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